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//NEW April 2020 //

12 Poemes Vol.10 "10è aniversari"

dotze poemes 2020 Vol 10cover-- Arinsal 23d of April 2020 --
We are proud to present the 10th edition of "Dotze Poemes" our yearly poetry book. Ten years of contemporanean pieces and poems from the public domain. A double edition this year gathering the best poems published between 2010 and 2020 to celebrate our 10th anniversary and as usual St George Day, the Catalan way.

cover: "The Arts Poetry" by Alphonse Mucha"

"Feliç dia de Sant Jordi a tothom!"
_DOTZE POEMES_ Grosella i Grandalla Edicions, Andorra, 2020.


Personal Diary, classic, public domain - lang:fr
_Mon cœur mis à nu_ by Charles Baudelaire

[ Society - Politics - Journalism - Art ]

picture of charles baudelaire by nadar
Journal Intime, Post-mortem fragments, author: Charles Baudelaire
original by Charles Baudelaire
year: 1861 (1887 post mortem)
2009 collection: *3 classics with Grosella i Grandalla incipit
Ж³ publication: ©2009 v.o.lang=fr
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Green Poetry, lang:multi
_Climate Chaos Poems_
special production in collaboration with The SoundSwarm Project & Filastine - Copenhag 2009
[ Special Event - Politics - Poetry - Art ]
centrale thermique Climate chaos selected poems & short stories
*3 special publication at the occasion of 15th ONU Summit on Climate Change, Copenhag (DK), December 2009- Natural or articficial sounds and poems from and for The Earth Planet.  Classics or contemporanean works.

First Poetry book lang:multi
_Partitions_ by Guðrún Grænndóttir

library Bibliotheque illustration selection of poems by Guðrún Grænndóttir (incipit by ArnO K.)ж3 XXIst 2009
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Awarded Poem, lang:fr
_Sensation_ by ArnO K.

aphrodite fragment illustration Sensation
Solitude et Silence
Avec ce seul tourment:
Que ce trait de fragrance (...)

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